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  • Hey Steve, I wanted to thank you for the work on my guitar. You lowered the action on my acoustic and its like butta' playing solos on it. I appreciate the quick turnaround time. I think it was at your shop a total of like 2 hours. I would DEFINITELY recommend you to all my music buddies in the future. Thanks again.

    Kyle Jones
  • Quick and honest. Steve is who you go to when your guitar needs a little more than a setup. He's detailed in his work and a perfectionist to say the least.

    Eric Ruelas
  • Most of my work is done no longer than a day, fast turn around!!!

  • Steve does great work, he's quick and honest. And Overall great guy, with an Indiana Jones Level of knowledge about everything music! He is the Only person I fully trust my guitars too.

    Andy Carlos
  • The Strat and Tele both are playing like a dream. I've been woodshedding on some tunes for upcoming performances, and your adjustments have made me feel a lot more confident about what I'm playing! The pickup adjustment was perfect, now I have good timbral balance across the strings, and the work you did on the frets made a HUGE difference. I really appreciate how you've taken care of my axes over the years, and always enjoy visiting with you. All the best in the new location! - Mark

    Mark Drummond
  • Steve is a good honest hard-working guy that is a pleasure to deal with. Always friendly and welcoming, and most important - extremely competent. Steve delivers fast, convenient and personal service. I used to go to a "boutique" guitar shop for repairs and set-ups. They were arrogant snobs and made you feel like you didn't know anything. On top of that, their service was slow. Steve treats you like you're his best friend and really goes out of his way to accommodate your time schedule and gets your repair done fast (many times same day).

    John Iozzi
  • I was looking for a good guitar tech when in the Long Beach area and when I discovered via Yelp about Blue Alien Guitar Repairs, I figured I'd give it a try. I brought Steve three of my guitars and he did a phenomenal job in setting them up to my specifics. He understands the intricacies of each individual instrument; furthermore he respects the guitars you bring to him as if they were his own. Also, being a fellow Floyd Rose/locking trem enthusiast, Steve understood how I wanted my bridges set up to get the best performance out of them.

    Ming Chen
  • Steve is more than a genius. He's genuine. My guitars ALWAYS come out perfect and he's just so nice and caring on top of it. Seriously I can't stress enough how important that is! The music industry is filled with so many mean nasty people. He's made so many suggestions that have taken my guitars to the next level. He unlocks your guitars potential which in turn unlocks your potential as a musician. He cares like its his own guitar. Steve you're a treasure for the guitarist community. Brilliant.

    Chaise Cendejas
  • Couldn't have asked for better service! Steve is the man and just a nice, extremely helpful guy. Had my guitar restrung, the action lowered all for a very reasonable price! So glad I came here!!

    Asma S
  • Had been taking my guitar to World of Strings and then Long Beach Guitar for years. However, I noticed the prices getting beyond my reach and the turn around seems to be very long. I read about Steve on Yelp, thought I would give him a try. Not only did Steve swap out the neck and give the guitar a super set up, he really brought the frets back to life. Had the Tele back to me in less than 24 hrs. I can't stop noodling on Tele, an already nice neck feels that much better. As far as I am concerned, why would I let anyone else touch my Tele's at this point. Thanks, Steve.

    Mark C.
  • Steve at Blue Alien Guitars has set the benchmark for quality of service for my guitars. His fast, responsive, careful, knowledgeable, and excellent work will keep me coming back for all of my guitars. In fact, he is the only person I’ll trust with my guitars because Steve understands why they are more than just instruments. I have decades of history with them.

    Jeff Harrah
  • Owner is cool , professional. Down the st from where I live. He took a bass I tried to rehab myself, (bad idea) and reworked the mess I made. Thanks blue alien guitar!

    Al S.
  • Steve is the ONLY guitar tech I trust with my Gibson Les Pauls. My guitars ALWAYS sound great after he's done working on them. On top of that, he's a great person and a good friend.

    Joel Marquez
  • Hi Steve, i just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic setup and tune up you did on my G&L asat classic. It never played better! i've owned this guitar for over 23 years. You are the true pro, i am very happy. I will return for any future repairs and advice too.

    Richard Manzanares

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